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Spectrum Yoga is Lucile's own signature class where she fuses elements of yoga, bodywork and internal martial arts. Her classes are designed to explore your body's full range of motion while optimizing your circulatory, lymphatic and chi systems to fully restore grace, beauty and original power.

Happy Hour Yoga

Intoxicate yourself with the Spirit of Spectrum Yoga! Celebrate brand new beginnings! Feel resourced and clear as you start your weekend!
From global stretching to chi-enhancing movement, ride the wave that nurtures you fully. Tap, pulse, shake and twist in a flowing, panther-like connected way. Optimize your biomechanics and energetics in body, mind and soul. This practice will increase circulation of blood, lymph, chi and revitalize your whole body. All levels welcome.

| 2013 Spring Dates |

8-week group yoga classes.
Start the weekend renewed with clearing breath, long fluid motion, sweat and relaxation. 

Fridays 6:30-7:30 pm | April 19 - June 7


Drop-in: $20 (Bring a friend & both receive $5 off.)
1 class, once a week, for 8 weeks: $100

Register online or mail your check to: Spectrum Yoga, P.O.Box 1926, Royal Oak, MI 48067.

Ashtanga Michigan Yoga Studio, 826 W. 11 Mile, Suite 108, in Royal Oak.

(between Washington and Woodward Ave, just East of Maxwell, 1 block East from the YMCA),(Turn in parking lot of a dentist's office and go all the way into the back of the parking lot to Suite 108).

Click here.

YogaCircus for Kids (ages 5-9)

Finally a yoga class for children to help them hone their special gifts while they are young! A fun-filled, imaginative experience that strengthens self-confidence, balance, flexibility and teamwork. YogaCircus combines the depth and consciousness of yoga with the communal celebration of creative circus. Children will become familiar with playful postures and movements that mimic animals and the elements of nature. Leap like a frog, roar like a lion, walk like a crab and much more!!! This series will culminate with an exclusive performance for parents, relatives and friends! Bring a yoga mat.

For class location and times, please email.


We at Spectrum Yoga take a holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual well being. Private studio/in-home sessions include therapeutic assisted stretching, injury rehabilitation, yoga-inspired personal training and more.

Private Sessions consists of exceptional 60-minute sessions or more, geared entirely on your goals and needs. They generally consist of either program or a combination of them:

> Thai Vinyasa
> Yoga
> Lifestyle Wellness & Nutritional Coaching

Private Sessions are available by appointment only. Please call or email Spectrum Yoga to book a session.

Private Sessions are recommended as the ideal preparation for beginners to maximize their group classes and is especially useful for anyone serious about results! With undivided focus on only yourself, the "exercise and lifestyle prescription" will be exactly what you want and need to accomplish your goals.



Some of our Testimonials

“Lucile’s classes have brought me calmness, strength and stamina. It has relieved the constant, diagnosed pain in my lower back which eliminated the need for prescription pain medication.” –Tamara S.-

"I have torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders and have had frozen shoulders as well. Lucile's yoga classes have given me more relief than the physical therapy & occupational therapy." -Colette U.-

  I've never done yoga before (...) my first session of yoga was an enlightening one. I felt my whole body open up in many ways I've never felt before. (...) I feel like my posture is better overall already. Thanks and look forward to our next class!” –Alexis Kim  

  "A few months after I had my second child, I injured my lower back area. It was so painful I couldn't sit or lay down. I took a muscle relaxer - it made me feel sleepy but not better; I went to the chiropractor - that helped for about 30 minutes and then I was in pain again. Finally, I went to my Spectrum Yoga class. After the class I was healed and I continue to practice these same movements on my own to prevent further injury. Spectrum yoga is a different class each week and somehow it is always just what I need!" -Amanda E.  


Pregnant women, Read on...

The strength that Spectrum Yoga has given me in my back has resulted in little to no back pain throughout the pregnancy. I kept going to class up until my 34th week.

The other benefit, although there are many, is that the breathing techniques I learned through Spectrum Yoga definitely helps during labor. (...) It just came so naturally to breathe through a contraction.

I would absolutely recommend Spectrum Yoga for anyone but especially those who are newly pregnant. The benefits are really worth it! " -Meredith Mehra












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